Tuesday, December 16, 2008

merry christmas!

merry christmas!

christmas arrives too fast, and is over way too soon – but christmas is our favorite time of year! when our kids were little, we gave a lot of thought to developing our own family traditions. now that our children have kids of their own, it is fun to see them establish their own traditions.

we wanted to share some photos from our christmas season so far – hope your christmas is very, very merry.

last year the whole family went to disneyland in december. i had never seen the park decorated for the holidays. it was so much fun, we went again this year. the start of another tradition?

while we were there we saw mickey and minnie. wyatt was beside himself - he just HAD to get close to minnie! it was really cute - we were at the back of the line, but the crowd could hear this little tyke begging to see minnie, and they parted to let him up front. he was SO happy!

ec's favorite ride is the pooh ride at pooh corner. and his favorite girl is his cousin kate. life just doesn't get much better than this.

the little guys get soooo tired toward the end of the day.

another tradition we started awhile back is making a gingerbread house every year. it started as a way for my niece and i to spend some time together at christmas. she wanted to try and make one. it's a lot of work and usually takes us a couple weekends.

this year's edition isn't finished - but we'll show you the finished product when it's done.

because our family is so large, we draw names for gift giving. this year, someone suggested that we write a poem about the person who's name we drew. we'll share our poems with them when we open our presents. hmmm, should be interesting.

so what are your family traditions? would love to hear some of the special things that your family does to celebrate the holidays.